Good Bye Blog!

goodbye-inscription-1327253531nq1Hello, if you have been enjoying my blog post then sadly your fun will have to come to a end. This is because it`s almost SUMMER BREAK!!!! Sadly, I will not be posting during the summer so here is my last post of the school year, this post will be about how I improved and mainly what I enjoyed and found challenging about blogging. Hope you enjoy it!

During my one year of blogging I have without a doubt improved. I think that my main improvement was my writing quantity. When I started writing I wrote about 200-500 words, if you go on my blog you will find at least 2 posts with 1300 words or higher. Along with quantity I have quality. Quality meaning more complex words. I will usually try and make sure that I have no errors in my posts. Yep, that`s right no typos. Continue reading

Success, What Is It?

Success QuoteHave you ever thought about success? What it means, what you need to do, there are so many things to think about. I’m going to write this post so I can explain or give you my opinion on success.

Now, success doesn’t just fall and hit you on the head, you need to work for it. For example if you want to succeed and become a doctor then you will have to go through with all your education. Meaning if you live in Canada you will need to go through with elementary school, high school, cegep, and university. This means that you might fail but you need to keep trying and it doesn’t matter how hard it is! If you were to ask me what it takes to be successful I would tell you that you need to persevere Continue reading

Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly LogoI don`t have any memories of board games when I was really young, but I do have some memories of playing monopoly with my whole family. My sister and I used to play snakes and ladders when we were about six. It was a lot of fun because it was so simple, all you had to do was spin an arrow on a little circle pad that had 6 numbers.

I went to search up monopoly variations to see and O was blown away, as of October 11th there are 1298 monopoly versions. Today I would guess they have over 1500 versions. Here are my top 5 monopoly versions. Continue reading

That Looks Good!

You Gotta Eat Here Logo

If you ever want to visit Quebec and don`t know what to eat, here is probably the best burger place in the whole Quebec province. I visited about a month ago a burger place named Jukebox Burger`s. I loved it, their menu is crazy. You can order a poutine burger, it`s literally a poutine inside a burger! If this meal doesn`t whisper in your ear Quebec then I don`t know what does.

When I visited this restaurant located on the west island, I ordered the poutine dog, more or less the poutine dogs as I got 2 of them. These beasts are filled with poutine. They taste marvelous but it isn`t to healthy, I recommend this meal about once every month. In the beginning I couldn`t chose between the burger and the hotdog but my aunt was having the burger so as I said before I went with the poutine dog. Continue reading

Respect The Environment!

IMG_6386__Have you ever gone camping? Most people have and if you have you will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say how much fun it is. I always loved making camp fires and making supper (hot-dogs) and making a couple s’mores.

Nature to me is mainly one thing. To me it’s the one place where children can be children; they can run around, climb a tree, throw sticks, and make a mini shelter and most importantly let their imagination go wild! Nature is the world’s playground, that’s why it makes me very sad when I hear that people are polluting.

The environment is very important to us for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is because trees help filter oxygen, so that’s why they are so important. I’m not sure but I believe that there is a law: When you cut down a tree you have to plant two. Continue reading

The Faceoff

face off, ken danbyThe referee dropped the puck and Daniel won the faceoff against the Edmonton Oilers player. Shhh, shhh was the sound that Daniel’s skate made as he skated up to the net, he passed it to Max Pacioretty, he shot and he scored! This was just another dream that Daniel was having. He was having these dreams because he was so nervous about his upcoming hockey game! It they won this game they would go to the finals.

Daniel woke up to the sound of his friends ringing the doorbell to go play hockey, it was the one and only sport that Daniel loved. Daniel got up and got dressed, he put on his casual sweatpants and his Montreal Canadians jersey, and it was signed by every single player on the Montreal Canadians team. When Daniel wore it, he felt like a part of the team. He grabbed his hockey stick and ran to the front door to find his friends Adam, David, Derrick, Ryan and Tyler. They were all wearing their Montreal Canadians jerseys. They took a walk down to the closest outdoor hockey rink, they were talking about how the Canadians destroyed the Bruins in a hockey game. They got to the hockey rink and decided to make the normal teams: Adam, Ryan and Tyler against David, Derrick and Daniel. They always had fun because the teams are as fair as they can get. Usually they left before someone even scored, mostly because they were tired. Continue reading

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